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Welcome Day Trader!

👋  Hi, I'm Sam

I've been day trading for five years.
An important part of our trading journey is understanding where our weaknesses lie in order to address them.
I personally started to become consistently profitable once I began tracking my accuracy (Win %) and my risk-to-reward ratio.

My biggest weakness was that I would make a small profit for several days and then give it all back and more because of one trade where I would oversize my position and not respect my stop loss. This was due to poor risk management and a bad risk-to-reward ratio.

With this little program I developed, I'll be showing you a few important metrics and graphs about your trading that, unfortunately, TradeStation doesn't display.

Your objective is to stay in the profitable (green) area. Just by looking at where you position on the graph, we can determine if you need to improve your accuracy (Win %) or your risk management (risk-to-reward ratio).

I recommend you read my blog post on this topic here.

My value proposition to you is that once you start tracking these metrics, you will move forward:

You will have fewer red days, and the losses during these red days will be smaller. In other words, you will become more consistent and more disciplined, which will lead to an increase in profitability.

This tool is currently compatible only with TradeStation, and only for cash and margin accounts.

It's free!

It's free, though I'd appreciate it if you bought me a coffee by pressing the coffee mug icon at the bottom of the screen 😉. Thanks!
If you want to suggest new features, DM me on X @samhickmann


I want to be completely transparent with you:

Unfortunately, they only provide order details for the last 90 days, or less if you made over 600 orders during these 90 days!

Note: they send ALL orders, but I only take into account the filled ones.

Let's get started!

it's a 3-step process:
  1. By pressing the button below, you will be redirected to the TradeStation sign-in page (this step is skipped if you have already completed it once).
  2. You will be asked by TradeStation to grant permission for them to send me your last orders.
  3. Then, you will be redirected back here, and you will need to press a button to process the numbers in order to create the performance report.

Please note that TradeStation is not affiliated with, nor endorses, this tool or its creator. The code and functionality of this tool have been independently developed by me, without any direct support or endorsement from TradeStation. This tool utilizes the TradeStation API for data retrieval purposes only, under the terms allowed by TradeStation's API documentation.